SOUNDFIXER Streaming & Audio Visual Services

Audio Visual Services

Basic Meeting Package

1 x wired presidential podium microphone

2 x wireless microphones (hand-held or lavalier)

2 x powered speakers

1 x audio video combo mixer

1 x technician to setup and run event

All cable and accessories included


Basic Video Meeting Package

Basic Package plus the following:

1 x video projector

1 x projection screen

1 x wireless remote for powerpoint

Additonal cable for video setup






Web-stream Add-On

Easy addition to any setup

3 x stationary HD cameras (wide, podium, audience)

Public & private streaming options

Easily embedded and password protected




Options (may require additional crew)

Additional projectors and screens

Additional microphones

Larger sound

Moving cameras

Laptop for Powerpoint

Speaker timer

Stage lighting

Pipe and drape